The mission of amART Project ( /am.'ahr.teh/  project) is to generate safe environments for self-expression, cross-cultural dialogue and creative explorations within diverse communities. This project comes from the need to bring the powerful strength of self-expression in personal and community healing to challenge divisiveness and oppression.


amART, can be read in Spanish as amarte, meaning "to love yourself". In English amART can be read as "I'M ART". We all have the creative power to mold ourselves and the world around us with love and compassion towards each other and ourselves.

The amART Project is founded in 2012, and has gone through a couple of false starts and iterations, but from the beginning it was born from my personal desire to create alternative spaces online and offline for exhibitions of personal stories, community histories and artistic expressions of all of those willing to engage in honest conversations. Community members can participate in projects such as thematic pop-up museums hold in partnership with local organizations or groups, host creative workshops such as dance or storytelling sessions, or submit artwork for online and offline exhibits. amART Project strives to bring a space where history, creativity, contemporary art, cultural expression, and social engagement can organically intersect and influence one another.

1. Generate inclusive dialogues through arts, culture and creative expressions.
2. Engage people with creative outlets to tell their stories and find how to change our paradigms.
3. Integrate the healing and transformative effects of creative expressions into communities and individuals' lives to find solutions for current issues.