This is an opportunity for everybody to submit their creative work and expression to be displayed at our online gallery.
Everybody is welcomed to participate in this creative dialogue. Show us what the world around you looks like and express all of your creativity.

How to get involved:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Create a representation of what that topic means to you:
    (2-D: paintings, drawings, collages, photography, etc. 3-D: Sculptures, mix-media etc. or Video and animation)
  3. Take two photographs of your work (or two still images from your video)
  4. Fill out the form below and send JPG files through email. They should be approximately 300ppi or
    1536 x 1024 pixels
Name *
Share your artwork or your personal blog.
Please add the address for your video on YouTube, Vimeo, personal website or any other platform.
Please let us know if you allow us to display your work at our online and offline public events *
We will love to display your work for our communities to learn about you, and in this way we can all learn from each other.
Email us 2 high resolution pictures of your work to:
Add the title of your work and your name or pseudoname on the subject line of the email.