amART Project strives to create conversations, exhibits, art and creative expressions based on themes and topics that build common ground among us. It finds concepts, thoughts, and emotions that help explore a shared experience or that help us understand the reality and world of others.
Each of these topics create a starting point for our community pop-ups, open art calls and creative workshops. Choose one of the topics and explore the context, ideas and dialogues around it and set up your community pop-up museum or submit your creative expression.

"It's not all about you" Acrylic on canvas by Juliet Maya

"Border Crossing Identity"

"Where do I belong to?" "How can I be my true-self?" "Who am I really?" "If I am one thing, can I not be another one?"
Identity, the fact of being who we are, is something that many of us have question, taken pride on or doubted at some point, especially when our identities do not fit one label or two. The fluidity and complexity of identity has been studied and talked by psychologists,  anthropologist, poets, writers, artists and more. "Border crossing identity" is a term that helps us be our whole selves across multiple physical and invisible lands, where we can navigate and understand each of them and transition from one another carrying our entirety of backgrounds, and giving space for our fluid identities.

Keep reading by clicking on the link below to ignite your creativity of what your “border crossing identity” can look like, and submit your work!

“Principio y final” by Maya MuTo